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"Meghan will be available in March even though I wish I could keep her forever. I originally planned to have her for only six weeks, but I've extended her since she's helped make my baby's, toddler's and my life immeasurably better. As a single mom I needed a lot of help at night since my toddler decided to regress on his sleep behavior upon the arrival of his little sister. 

Meghan is caring, tender and loving with my infant daughter. She's a master at swaddling, burping and changing diapers in the wee hours while keeping my daughter calm and quiet. She truly loves babies, and it's clear they love her, too. She possesses a wealth of information about infants, breast feeding, pumping and even baby gear!

She truly cares about me as a mother, too, and helped me to dig out of a very sleep deprived state by bottle feeding my baby and helping me around the house during the night: laundry, dishes, filing/emptying dishwasher, washing bottles, cleaning pump parts, even wiping kitchen counters when I left them messy. She takes initiative, is neat and tidy and smart about everything she does. When my parents visited they even noted how they missed her presence on the weekend when we had to do all of the above ourselves! 

As a mother of three young children, Meghan understands not only infants but also toddler behavior. My two year old had sleep regression with the birth of my daughter, and Meghan has been incredibly supportive and informative about sleep training and also of my need for sleep since he gets up a couple of times a night (tagging my infant's wakings!). She provided loving encounters with my son when he woke at night. He talks about her during the day, asking for her to visit. She's incredible, and you will feel like a new mamma with Meghan in your home."


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