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Birth Services

I have partnered up with another incredible doula, Michelle Gunderson and we are currently accepting clients as a team. With a birth doula partnership, you have access to a larger breadth of knowledge and experience. We attend both prenatal visits and your postpartum visit together so that we are equally familiar with your personal needs, expectations and intentions for your birth. During the time surrounding your estimated due date, we work in 12 hour on-call shifts. This means that you always have a well rested, energized doula at your side. During the birth we keep each other informed on how everything is going so when the other doula arrives, she can hit the ground running with a smooth transition. 


Michelle is a mother of two human babies and one dog baby. While working as a systems analyst, Michelle served as a doula at a friend’s birth and discovered that she had a both a passion and a gift for supporting women during the transformative event that is birth. After working for 15 years in tech, Michelle decided to answer her calling to become a doula. Since fruition, Michelle has attended over 4 dozen hospital, birthing center and home births. Michelle is an incredible advocate and she brings a calm confidence into the birthing room. She is skilled at hands on physical support, emotional support and has a gifted intuition for anticipating a mother’s needs. 


Free Consultation 

Please feel free to call me for a free consultation.  I am happy to answer any questions you might have about doulas or my services and I would love to hear more about your family's needs.  I believe that having a good fit between a family and a doula is the most important part. If I happen to be booked, I am always happy to help guide you to find another doula that fits your needs. 

Birth Doula Package


Phone and email support

  • Available to answer any questions you might have during pregnancy and the postpartum period


Two Prenatal Visits ~2 hours each

  • Discuss your ideal birth, fears, concerns and any questions you may have

  • Address alternative pain management techniques and pain management options in a hospital birth (if applicable)

  • Develop a birth plan with your preferences

  • Provide community resources

On call support for two weeks pre and post estimated due date

  • During this time I do not schedule any clients or commitments that would prevent me from being available for your birth at a moment's notice

Continuous presence and support through your labor and birth

  • When you feel that you need more support I will be there.  I can meet you at your home, hospital or birthing center.

One postpartum visit ~2-4 hours

  • Discuss your birth and answer any questions you may have

  • Offer bottle/breastfeeding support: address any challenges you may have with latch, supply or feeding positions 

  • Cover basic newborn care: how to swaddle, burp, soothe, bathe, umbilical/circumcision care 

  • Care for baby so you can take time for self-care (whether it is a shower, nap or lunch with your partner)

Community Referrals

  • Having a baby generates a wealth of new service needs, being anything from a daytime nanny to a pelvic floor specialist. Whatever the need, I can help you find the provider that best suits you.


$2,350 Birth Doula Fee

50% due upon signing the contract and the other 50% due at 36 weeks.

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