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About Me

Supporting new families since 2007, Meghan is passionate about providing care during such an important and transformative time in life.  Meghan has a background in psychology and human services but shortly after moving to San Francisco, she found her calling in infant and postpartum care.  After almost a decade of specializing in infant and postpartum care, Meghan decided to become a certified birth doula.  She truly loves her profession, the families she works with and of course, the babies!

Meghan is a mother to a six year old and three year old twin girls. While she's not at work, she's spending time with her girls, volunteering, cooking, doing yoga or playing outside.  

“Meghan possesses a wealth of information about infants, breastfeeding, pumping and even baby gear.  She truly loves babies and they clearly love her, too.” Alysia A.
“Meghan brings great empathy and compassion to her work with babies and their families . . . we feel we have hit the jackpot and cannot recommend her highly enough”. Laura P.
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