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"Meghan is the second night doula we have used (we had a different one with our first son) and she is a godsend. Not only is she a baby whisperer, allowing us countless hours of quality sleep, but she has been an incredible support to me postpartum. She has a calming, happy, reassuring presence that puts our whole family at ease from the moment she walks in the door. Both my children adore her (she babysat our older son one night so we could have a date night) and we feel completely safe with her in our home knowing our newborn is being taken excellent care of while we sleep. Multiple times she has gone above and beyond the call of duty; like when I unexpectedly ended up back in the hospital after delivery and she came to stay with me while keeping my little one quiet so that I could get some much needed rest. She has reached out to her network of doulas and lactation consultants in the middle of the night when I was having pain nursing to help me figure out a solution, and she has stopped by Target countless times to pick up a variety of items for me just to make my life easier. More importantly, she has been a wealth of knowledge and helped get me and the baby on track with good sleep habits. She also washes all of our laundry, cleans my pump parts, makes my older son’s lunch, preps breakfast, and helps with any other chores around the house that we need. I can best describe her as the Mary Poppins of doulas and if we were to have a third kid (which we aren’t!) she would be the first person I call…maybe even before my husband. I can’t recommend her enough!"


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