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"We hired Meghan to help us with our 8-week old baby boy. From her first meeting to the last night she was extremely caring and attentive. She arrived on time every night, did our dishes, laundry and any other chores we had left to do. She kept a diary of how our son did at night so we could see in the morning. She gave us many suggestions on swaddling, types of formula to use for his upset tummy, and other helpful tips and tricks. She stayed in the baby's room most of the night so she could tend to him when he began to stir. We worked together to come up with a plan on how to begin to eliminate some of his nightly feedings and she also helped us sleep train him until he was able to sleep through without eating. We really, really enjoyed having Meghan be a part of our family -even if for a short time. We highly recommend her if you are considering getting night time help. She is great!"


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