My Birth Philosophy

I believe in you.  I believe that you are capable and competent and stronger than you ever dreamed. 

I believe in providing fact-based information without judgment or bias. 

I believe in your right to choose what you want your birth to look like. 

I believe that when a woman and her birthing partner have a loving, dedicated person by their sides through labor and birth that the entire experience becomes one of love and not of fear.  

I believe birth is the single most transformative experience in a woman's life. 

I believe that the most satisfying birth experience is one in which a mother feels safe, supported, informed and most importantly, empowered. 

I believe that every woman should have a doula. 

My Postpartum Philosophy 
My Training

Certified Postpartum Doula

Maternity Wise

Certified Lactation Counselor

University California San Diego

I believe in offering fact-based knowledge to help you discover what works best for you and your family.  

I believe that compassion, kindness and judgement-free support are the most important gifts for a new parent.  

I believe that for better or worse, your child's infancy will be over in the blink of an eye. They will no longer fit perfectly into the nook of your shoulder, or smell like a newborn.  They will soon sleep through the night and feed themselves.  The first few months with a baby can be challenging but I want to help you to appreciate every moment of it, rather than rush through it on survival mode.

I believe that a nurtured, informed, and most importantly, a well rested parent has a different experience than an isolated one. 

I believe in the village, and I want to be part of your village.  

CPR First Aid Certified

American Red Cross

Certified Doula